About CCD

About CCD
The Center for Career Development (CCD) at Université Antonine will be at your disposal in order to accompany and help you succeed your integration in the labor market by disseminating various training and job offers. The CCD will provide opportunities for students to find a part time job within the university and help freshly young graduates to find a full time job in a career related area.


Launched in 2016, CCD is helping UA students and Alumni in their job placement through various specialized events and activities as well as establishing contact with several companies in different sectors.

  • Counseling meeting.
  • Mock Interview: Personalized interviews.
  • Organizing recruitment days.
  • Organizing training sessions.

How do I hire?

  • Sign up “New employer”: fill the requested information
  • Get the approval of CCD
  • Login and create your profile
  • Post job vacancies
  • Participate in recruitment days

How do I apply?

  • Sign up “new job seeker”
  • Get the approval from CCD
  • Login and create your profile
  • Create your CV, cover letter
  • Apply to job vacancies
  • Participate in recruitment days

Finding the right talent

Employers can access our CV thèque, explore potential candidates, review their skills and choose the suitable profiles for their job vacancies.
Through student’s profile, employers can explore skills and various trainings acquired by potential candidate.

You don’t have all the information required?

In order to submit contact requests: Phone: + 961 5 927 000 ext: 1130, 1131, 1133  | Email: ccd@ua.edu.lb