I can simply say that my professional path was drawn by the Center for Career Development. From creating your online CV and professional profile to the mock interview experience, and even applying to suitable job opportunities, CCD was the guide for me. Two years later, I am still the communications officer for The Knowledge to Policy (K2P Center) at the American University of Beirut.
Rayane Nasreddine
To start a job career, you have to face many obstacles from writing a perfect CV to doing internships, but the center for career development helped me to move on with my career life by helping me with my cv and I had the opportunity to have a lunch meeting with a lot of HRs from many enterprises and companies and to discover each company from inside by participating in a job shadowing. In addition to from the site of CCD I submitted my CV to many companies and I had the chance to make a great number of internships which pushed me to improve myself.
I think it’s the best office for student services here at UA! The services given by the CCD such as (Training sessions, Lunch with an HR Director, and much more…) gives students an opportunity to build strong skills needed at the workplace. In addition, the CCD helped in finding Training periods at many companies.
Amani Abdel Samad
CCD can change your life. I couldn't find a job with a suitable schedule. I couldn't find an affordable workshop. I couldn't find an internship for months. Thanks to CCD, I found them all. Now,I have a full-time job at UA because I started as a student officer.
Camelia El Helou
Getting support is a good thing, but when it comes from the right people with expertise and seriousness, it leads to success. Many thanks
Elias Saliba