CCD Services

The CCD offers weekly services for the students to help and assist them in their career plan.

Through the counseling meeting, CCD members will help you to organize and plan your career path, enhance your networking skills as well as develop your CV. Individual appointments allow you to discuss about your interests, job search and how to gain experience through internships.

Mock Interview will improve and enhance your interview skills. It will allow you to discover your strengths and weakness as well as minimize anxiety by familiarizing you with the situation.

The interviewer will evaluate your body language, your confidence and attentiveness, your interest and enthusiasm, the tone and volume of your voice during the interview. You will have also a feedback on your competencies and your soft skills.
Reserve a counseling meeting
Reserve a counseling meeting
Walk-in meeting designed to enhance your job search techniques
Reserve a mock interview
Get valuable feedback and coaching from professionals on personal performance
Recruitment Days
Recruitment Days
An opportunity to connect student / candidate with employer on campus.