Chateau Kefraya

Extra Academic Avtivities
Number of available Seats: 4  |    Number of Seats on Waiting List: 0
From: Aug 23, 2019   |    To: Aug 24, 2019
From: 05 : 00 AM   |    To: 08 : 00 PM
Chateau Kefraya
Location: Chateau Kefraya - Bekaa Valley

Escape the city and come explore the grape harvest at Chateau Kefraya vineyard located in the fertile Bekaa Valley.

Early at the dusk, your journey will begin by picking the grape and have a walk in the vineyards where you will enjoy beautiful and fascinating scenery.

The two-day internship will provide you a unique experience where you will be introduced to wine pressing and fermentation, density and temperature processes, wine tasting techniques and storage techniques .


Book you seat for Friday, August 23, 2019 and Saturday, August 24, 2019.


Places are limited – First come, First Serve.

P.S: transportation is provided by UA.

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