Chateau Kefraya

Extra Academic Avtivities
Number of available Seats: 0  |    Number of Seats on Waiting List: 2
From: Aug 17, 2018   |    To: Aug 19, 2018
From: 06 : 00 AM   |    To: 04 : 00 PM
Chateau Kefraya
Location: Chateau Kefraya - Bekaa Valley

For the second year running, the Center for Career Development (C.C.D) at Antonine University organized its extra-curricular internship entitled “Introducing the world of wine: Harvest & Oenotourism”, which was held at Château Kefraya from August 17 till August 19.

The three-day internship provided a unique experience for the participants who were able to take part in daily harvest at the domain’s vineyards. Students were also introduced to wine pressing and fermentation, density and temperature processes, wine tasting techniques and storage techniques according to wine types.

They also enjoyed fascinating visits to wine cellars and treasure rooms, documentaries projection on Château Kefraya’s history and wine labeling as well as guided tours by train on all the domain’s territories and historical ruins.

At the end, official certificates were distributed to the students.

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